We bring expertise to key sectors, finding opportunities beyond what is expected to take your project to the next level.

Project Management Consultancy

Our client’s projects are diverse and our service covers strategic projects, for large blue-chip organizations, to smaller one-off projects.

We pride ourselves on providing a tailored project management service that assists our clients in establishing their options, defining their project needs, and managing project delivery. Our project management service includes the definition, leadership, planning, stakeholder management, control, and successful delivery of projects on your behalf.

We have an excellent reputation for successfully delivering projects on time, on budget while maintaining required quality standards. We ensure that our client’s corporate goals and business benefits are realized.

Build Together,
Grow Together

GHIPL’s focus on the owner’s experience is what sets us apart. Managing multiple complex, large-scale construction projects is a breeze with us.  We provide the technical support needed to get your projects structured, running, and ready to report on.

Realizing your Vision!

In construction, there are many moving pieces and team members. To the new and unfamiliar builder, developer, or homeowner, this could be very overwhelming. GHIPL has the knowledge, experience, and resources to manage your project from inception to completion. We are here to serve you.

Multiple completed projects and counting

GHIPL  has successfully executed projects for clients across sectors including finance, healthcare, technology, media, education, housing, real estate, retail — and more.


Land Acquisition and Development:

We can help you find and develop the perfect plot of land for your project, from selecting the right location to managing the construction process and ensuring that your project is completed on time and on budget.

cost estimating & management

With many years of creating and managing construction budgets, we have hands-on experience that benefits our clients. We know what costs to expect and how to make the decisions associated with keeping a project within budget.

Construction Management

GHIPL manages the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from inception to completion. We aim to exceed our clients’ requirements to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time, within budget, and built to the highest quality standards.


Our marketing team creates the vision and identity of each project. Through market research, our team identifies the target markets and establishes effective, integrated marketing initiatives. The marketing department ensures each property is creatively positioned and branded to meet and exceed current market demands.


The role of sales involves identifying potential clients and understanding their specific project needs. While leading your sales our responsibilities include developing and implementing sales strategies, establishing relationships with prospective clients while actively seeking out new opportunities.

Quality Control

GHIPL has developed a sophisticated and intuitive management team to reinforce the commitment to maintain the quality of each development. Our management expertise and direct access to its development and construction teams allow it to provide the most comprehensive range of management services, whether operational, financial, or physical.

Risk Management

In design and construction, risk analysis requires a systematic, continuous process to monitor occurrences that may substantially affect the end product.
GHIPL identifies, quantifies, models, manages, and monitors these risks. Our comprehensive, ongoing assessment of all contracts, parties, and related variables helps us to minimize losses to the project and increase the likelihood of completion on schedule and within budget.


Best real estate developer

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of perfection elevates and distinguishes every GHIPL development project. 
The sites and locations are optimal. The materials and finishes are hand selected and sourced from around the world to deliver the finest product. The floor plans are intelligently planned to maximize light, views, and functionality.

Attention to Detail

GHIPL’s attention to detail is apparent, from the distinctive glass and brick façade to the custom fixtures, hardware, stone, metals, and art installations, to the welcoming arrivals. These are properties that will be appreciated by generations.

Best real estate developer
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We pride our-self in working with some of the most reputed global companies across India building a better Central India.

Golechha Housing and Infrastructure has been providing quality real estate services for 50 years. GHIPL has been crafting pushing the barrier of commercial construction and residential development with perfection.

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