Welcome to Golechha Housing & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, an industry leader for over three decades.

As real estate developers, contractors & consultants, we perform construction in four three market sectors: residential, commercial & Industrial. Our lean method of construction and a breadth of experience allows us to produce top quality structures & deliver our projects on time.

About Us

Golechha Housing & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd was founded in 1965 by Mr Wardhamanji Golechha with a commitment to deliver exceptional construction quality & service to our clients. Now, the family-owned business is at the helm of Mr. Ashwin Golechha and Mr. Vishal Golechha, who are dedicated to provide high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable residential & commercial schemes to their community through their expertise and leadership.
Ashwin Golechha
Vishal Golechha

Clients and Recognitions

Golechha housing & infrastructure Pvt Ltd has a proud history of working with notable clients which spans across a wide scope of projects within the residential & commercial construction market. We specialize in corporate offices, residential spaces & industrial civil works. Here are some of the prestigious clients we have worked with.

Years of Experience

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver safe, sustainable, high-quality projects and services which uphold our core values and the ‘Golechha’ legacy.

Our Culture

Our diverse and inclusive workforce positions the company to grow, enhance our presence in diverse markets, and helps us build enduring relationships with each other, industry partners, and our clients

Our Core Values


Our mission is to deliver safe, sustainable, high-quality projects and services which uphold our core values and the ‘Golechha’ legacy.


We recognize the importance of innovation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The process of building a company and a workforce for the future requires tremendous adaptability and vision. A key element of our core values is to develop and embrace emerging technologies and processes.


Our goal is simply to be the best construction company which builds quality structures that adds value to the people who invest and believe in us.

Customer Satisfaction

The end result of our efforts must be a satisfied customer. Our reputation is the key to our longevity & legacy in the construction industry and will remain the key in our future endeavors.

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