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We helped KEC build the largest Tower Testing Bed in Asia

KEC International has announced the setting up of a state-of-the-art new tower testing station at Butibori, Nagpur. The test station is the largest of its kind in the world. The new station is a significant step by the company towards retaining its position as a global leader in power transmission. Costing over ₹ 40 crores, the test station is also the most advanced using the latest computer technology, SCADA system, and PROFIBUS controls.

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Salient Features

  • The state of the art facility is capable of testing Power Transmission towers up to 35X35 m base dimensions, 100 m high and with voltage rating up to 1200 kV
  •  The design of enormous steel girders embedded and anchored into the vast concrete foundation allows testing of all shapes of towers including the futuristic mono poles for high voltage transmission
  •  Built in an area of 65,000 Sq. m, the test bed can be subjected to compression or uplift load up to 1250 tons
  •  125 tons of load can be exerted at each of a maximum of 52 points simultaneously on the tower
  •  Test station is automated with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system controlled by a microprocessor
  •  Load setting is programmable and data recording and analysis is fully computerized
  •  Variable Frequency Drives and PROFIBUS controls contribute to precise, fast and simultaneous control of a series of motorized load exerting equipment
  •  Load cell calibration is automated and all signal and control commands are through a single high speed Optical Fiber Cable employing ring topology for redundancy
  •  The built-in sophistication allows remote diagnostics
  •  The test controls are both customer and operator friendly. Touch Panels for Transverse, Vertical and Longitudinal loading points help the operator to program all test parameters in advance.
  •  42″ LCD Monitors allow the customers to visualize tower loading simultaneously in all three directions.
  •  Two remotely controlled video cameras capable of optical and digital zooming record continuously the behavior of tower during the testing .

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