KEC Tower Testing Bed

KEC International, the transmission and project consulting company of the Rs 15,000 crore RPG Group, has announced the setting up of a state-of-the-art new Tower Testing station at Butibori, Nagpur. The test station is the largest of its kind in the world. We were responsible to build the entire testing rig.


KEC International

Surface Area

19 Hectares

Industrial Construction


Architect: M/s. Pardhi & Associates

Structural: M/s.Karnik & Associates

Technical Details

KEC has the distinction of being the only Transmission Tower Company in the world to have four tower testing stations. It has three test stations in India and one in Brazil. The one in Butobori in which we had an instrumental role in constucting is the biggest bed in Asia.

Built in an area of 65,000 Sq. m, the test bed can be subjected to compression or uplift load up to 1250 tons

The state of the art facility is capable of testing Power Transmission towers up to 35X35 m base dimensions, 100 m high and is one of the few testing stations in the world capable of testing towers up to 1,200 kV

The design of enormous steel girders embedded and anchored into the vast concrete foundation allows testing of all shapes of towers including the futuristic mono poles for high voltage transmission

Test station is automated with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system controlled by a microprocessor.

125 tons of load can be exerted at each of a maximum of 52 points simultaneously on the tower.

Load setting is programmable and data recording and analysis is fully computerized

Challenges & Expertise

We undertook the prestigious project of constructing the world’s tallest Tower Testing Bed, which will test the 90mt height transmission tower for the world’s leader in Tower Transmission Line Manufacturer M/s. KEC International Ltd. at Butibori, Nagpur. We are carrying out over-all development of 19 Hectors land which includes Compound Wall, External Development, Drain, Roads, Sewerage system. All the major R.C.C work is for the foundation of their 90 mt height structure which was very typical and complicated which includes 50 MT to 250 MT of Rock Anchors/Fabrication of Structural Steel Stubs/Columns etc. The major foundation of Test Bed is itself having a fabricated structure of 350 MT and a concrete of around 2000 m3 TOR Steel above 100 MT.


Real Project images

Below are some actual images from the site.

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