Commercial Development

Our development specialists work with a vast range of developers, landowners and local authorities to deliver financially viable residential and commercial development projects ranging in size and complexity, while identifying and capitalising on global development opportunities.

Strong Planning

We begin each new project with a consultation and an architectural evaluation. When you integrate these services together, every aspect of your project will go a lot smoother. It is also much more effective to work with one single source for development, design, architecture, and logistics. It will ultimately save you both time and money compared to having to interview, research, and hire each service individually.

Commercial Construction

This includes everything from administrative offices to large multi storey commercial schemes with shops & offices , medical clinics to large-scale office complexes, depending on the needs of the client; our team of experienced designers, project managers, and technicians can provide comprehensive services for office building construction and renovation work.

Warehouse Construction

A variety of techniques, equipment, and materials are required for this type of construction; our experts can assist you in the development and construction or warehouses and other large structures; services can be specialized, complex, or simple, depending on your needs to help you maximize the return on your investment for warehouse construction.

Retail Construction

The requirements for retail shopping centers, malls, plazas, and standalone stores can vary greatly, depending on the client; we have many years of experience working with commercial retail clients and can assist with the initial building design and construction for every phase of your project; we can also provide expansions, fit-outs, and other retail industry projects to meet your specifications.

The Difference is in Details

This is waht sets us apart, our choices, our inspirations and our endearing passion to set ourselves apart from the competition. That;s why people come back to us again and again. Our choices and detail that we put into our work, defines us.

Let’s have a Chat!

Golechha housing & infrastructure Pvt Ltd has a proud history of working with notable clients which spans across a wide scope of projects within the residential & commercial construction market. We specialize in corporate offices, residential spaces & industrial civil works. If you have something in mind, let’s talk.